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"Nope," she answered from her hobbit house.
ppfttt mushrooms are fucking awesome hokay? XD
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is it weird that i like to eat bowl of cooked mushrooms all the time…?

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i’m sleepy

i had to watch my nephew since 8 in the morning and had 4 hours sleep

and i have university tomorrow shit!

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imma make butt scout out of clay instead actaully

thanks saintdmac B)

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i got bit bored this morning a made robot heavy head out of clay

heres a photo, i look horrible atm sorry

i will possibly take more better high quality photo wen i do rest of the classes

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#-stares at Niro- 

-notes to self never share old embaressing porn artwork to friend because they’ll reblog it-

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he looks like he’s flying

"ow! my back!"

i love death camera shots

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thanks guys n.n im feeling little less sad, so imma hide those posts

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wip =w=
properly will fix his hand
high resolution →