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I know these feels… I still get notes on my Justin Bieber post ;__;
that my friend, i feel sorry for you xD
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well fuck…

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Anonymous sent: Not an ask but damn, all those diff. scouts you drew together make a pretty good cover.

ahhhh your kinda right! it does! haha

have my logo as an icon for now :P

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i’ve gotten little aggressive
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Anonymous sent: Livestreams, yeah. There's also the whole BUTTS thing. But it's hilarious in a good way, not in a "oh god get away from me" way.

i know ^^. haha. yh the butts thing, i blame it all on steph  !

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#fanart #mike #tentascout 

Its probably past time to throw in the towel ;A;
This wasn’t for a commission or anything I just got bored and so I drew  DarkLitria’s OC Mike. He was pretty fun actually, despite my lack of anatomy and shading…..I saw its a job partially well done. Now to draw him with my OC "Fozzy" Fang! (which none of yo have seen so HA! Try and guess what im talking about!

he looks adorbs =w= thank you <33
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Anonymous sent: I think you're highly unusual, but very funny as well.


is it because the way i act in livestreams??

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#dooo etttttt B) 

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soon wen i talked to my lectures bout university work my mind is all on the  assignment and project now

which is good