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i just wanna post it cuz i wont be working on it anymore :P
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have a crappy sketch 
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I am he’s bored
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demon scout and angel
dunno if i should work over this and finish it once im done with uni :P
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very sketchy pic of pyro. just trying to get use to drawing him since hes difficcult because of his head…
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i need to practise bruises more after i done this dump :P
scout abuse
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just wanted to draw mike in a hoody :P nofin special
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tf2shitfest answered your question:   idrewtoomuchscouts is that bad?  
naw draw all the scouts draw the whole team as scouts everyone dressed as scouts scout dressed as everyone ye

this is what happens when u give me ideas…
this is for you tf2shitfest.
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I’ll just upload this quickly isn’t good. but definatly will do better one
related to this vid
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i wanted to try out team together thing with Mike and his buddies , sorta didnt come out well..
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dont like the poses much, but i’ll post it anyways for u guys n.n
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okay heres the porn i doodled, its very rough..

steampunk scout
honestly im not good at drawing them X_x i have lots of doodles of soldier and scout ones but did not come out right. this one is good i guess
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