more demon mercs >B) but in my sketchbook done in biro pen again
and the blood in firealpaca
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i done this dump a month ago and forgot to scan it until now, but yh only good piece from my small sketchbook :s rest is horrible, this was done in biro  pen
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#pybun #tf2 #team fortress 2 
wow i manage to draw my friend ninzja present since it is here brithday today =w=. it is her pyro loadout i hope i got it right on how pyro looks .
but yeah =w= Happy Birthday ninzja! hope u have a wonderful day soon as you get up lol
3am again goodnight
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done =w=
5am goodnight!
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heres random picture of 2 sushis mermen scouts REDandBLU
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Happy Valentines Day :>
heres transparency version
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