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wip =w=
properly will fix his hand
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slowly wanna give up :s
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im such a dork that i wanna redo scout =3=;;;;
and then i will go back to pyro
just wanna make reference sheet of each classes
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blah wip
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if u can’t think out what im sketching here.. then good because drawing 18 people in one picture and its the most challenging part to do ! >:C
wip btw
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#wip #again? #lel #its crylic paint 


since i didn’t had time to do robot scout cosplay for this May Londom Expo, i decided to improve my sentry buster cosplay that i done last October.

i properly wont improve on the ball but the flaps yes, and planning to try make his robot (demo) legs out of foam. In this picture i’m painting the flap and i properly need few layers to get rid of transparent.

heres the photo of me cosplaying a sentry buster

and OH GOSH! the quilaty image is so bad. sorry

hohohooo i swear i am doing my university work B)
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sorry for so much personal blah blah have wip of my university work n.n;
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work in process 
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sketchy sketch of work in progress butt watever
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blah university work :P something orginal
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