villains are show from low angles to make them scary and sinister looking, while close-up angles are used for victims to make them look vulnerable when they’re about to be attacked.

For University :P
i suck at drawing perspective..
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i feel crap when i didn’t drew tf2 for awhile been drawing original stuff latly thanks to university have some scouts with kittens all over sketch
sorry can’t draw animals correctly lel
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i commissioned tf2-daesdemona to create my tentascout Mike in SFM :> then i’ve done some editing afterwards in GIMP ^^
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Happy Birthday to fapping-scout :> welll… its her birthday today for her since shes from Australia and i’m in from UK xD. but yeah =w= Happy Birthday Sicorey! you’ve been such a awesome buttfriend  and deserve a lot of love and tentacles <3
- Saf
p.s its her scout loadout 
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Wowie I really liked darklitria demon designs?? And I wanted to color them, I’m so sorry if these are the right colors or anything. WAH.

haha found it i typed my name in the tags >BD. andddddd
omg these r freakin cuuttee ;3; and its oki bout the colours i love it! <3
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