no one thought of this..?
crappy sketch btw :P
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Expiration Date

gahh you want me to draw them more steph, this is awesome!
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there you go =3= another one sorry slightly boring image
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 ^-^

what a adorable dork he is =w= hahah thank you so much ;3;

Happy birthday DarkLitria! I meant to draw this my own style but eventually went to doing a sort of messy copy of yours. Oh well. Happy birthday and hope you enjoy your tentacle cake!

daww ;w; thank you
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SFM Poster: Happy Birthday Saf!
Happy birthday darklitria hope you’ve had a great day today, sorry for the late gift <3

thank you ;w; -hides-
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Happy Birthday Slugger! :D

ahhh thank you so much ;w; he looks so awesome <33
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tumor scout
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tried to draw perspectives again. 
heres 1800s Scoot <=3=>
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