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Forgot to post this sketch :s 
Zhanna thou… :L
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i done this dump a month ago and forgot to scan it until now, but yh only good piece from my small sketchbook :s rest is horrible, this was done in biro  pen
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very sketchy pic of pyro. just trying to get use to drawing him since hes difficcult because of his head…
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very quick picture of normal tentascout and heavy because of this just wanted to draw it
AND i did my best to try not to put so much tentaMike concept into normal tentascout xD;;;
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heres sugar for u guys :P
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doodles from stream

sorry how this isn’t all of them :s

random idea ish, my bf sorta gave this idea to draw.
btw i do ship scoutma and spy so don’t think this wrong way, i drew because i want to make batter a little troll to scout haha.. yeh
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quick doodle..
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hiding it cuz i dont like it, posting it becauseĀ fapping-scout forced me too >:V

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=w=… another doodle
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